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PDQ Technical Canada Inc.
Thank you for you interest in our services. Let us know about your project and we will work with you to put together a winning project strategy. Email us with your inquiry and we assure you a prompt response within 48 hours. (During regular business hours EST) 
Why choose 'PDQ Technical'?

There are number of technical companies out there, so why should you choose PDQ Technical Canada? We believe there are several advantages:

  • We are a professional service with many years of experience. We provide the simplest and best solutions needed, not with just today's the latest technological gizmo.
  • When we work together, 'PDQ's staff becomes part of your staff without the need to be part of your payroll.
  • Once you hire us, we will consult with you at length. We want to understand your needs and how we could serve you best.
  • We care very much that clients get the service that they deserve.
  • We also offer, for your convenience and peace of mind, a monthly or annual agreement for our services.

You can get in contact with us easily!      +1.416.839.2263 or
PDQ Technical Canada.....Professional, Dedicated, Quick!